The Philosophy of Eternal Unity A concise Spiritually biased philosophy for The New Humanity Home

Subjects discussed within this book include:


Advancement & evolution beyond this level of existence aka "Graduation to 4th Density"
Benevolent and malicious Extra-Terrestrial Life-forms
Benevolent and malicious Higher-Level-Entities
Drug use and abuse
Extra-Terrestrial influences on Humanity
Faith / "Forces of Light" and "Forces of Darkness"
Freedom / "God" / "Gods" / "Guardian Angels"
Higher levels of existence
Knowledge / Madness / Meaning of Existence
Monotheism / Morality and Ethics  /
Mystical Experiences
Oppression / Pantheism / Perception / Politics
Polytheism / Reincarnation / Religion / Science-Fiction
Secret Societies  / Shamanism / Soul
Spirituality / "Spirit Guides"
"The Universal Mind" / UFOs
"Wanderers" and "Walk-Ins"


Cover credit: The image that adorns the cover of this book is known as the “Cat’s Eye Nebula” ( NGC 6543 ) and is used with the permission of NA