The Philosophy of Eternal Unity A concise Spiritually biased philosophy for The New Humanity the author



My Name is Jim Kent and I am a musician and philosopher.


I was born on and reside on the island of Britain.


I have been a musician and audiophile since the age of 10, and have been seeking the true nature of our Spirituality since the age of 15.


I have difficulty accepting the social and religious paradigms most of us are exposed to and I have sought to discover an uncorrupted form of Spirituality, which I believe that I have found and therefore share with you in this book.


I make no apologies for being controversial in my opinions and theories.


It is worth noting that this book has been influenced both directly and indirectly by shamanic contact.


I sincerely hope that you find this book useful and inspirational towards your own personal journey of discovery and evolution.


I give you this, the child of Mind and Soul free, as I feel that it is my honour and duty to do so.


If you do not find my words helpful in any way then I request that you seek questions and viable answers elsewhere.


For the sake of Love and Light


Jim Kent +