The Philosophy of Eternal Unity A concise Spiritually biased philosophy for The New Humanity The book


It is certainly not my intention to tell anybody what to believe, in my opinion, there are far too many people and organisations doing that already. I would argue that an ideal situation is one where you make up your own Mind as to what is real and what isn't.


This book is a deliberately concise summary of how I perceive our existence and reality and the philosophy that results from my experiences, research and my perception and includes details of the sources of information that have influenced this work. Therefore this work is just a book of philosophy and is merely a sharing of ideas, theories and opinions, nothing more.


I do not claim to be wiser or more knowledgeable than any other contemporary Human-being, or even as wise and knowledgeable as many. I may well be just a fool attempting to be wise. Although I have become aware of many different metaphysical paradigms from many different sources, existence still remains as much of a mystery to me as it was as a young child, the more that I become aware of, the more I realize that I don’t truly and totally understand anything!


Because of this, I consider that in discussing many of the ideas and subjects in this book, I might be out of my depth in terms of being able to accurately understand and / or describe them.  And I can highly recommend not taking any of my thoughts or any ideas, concepts or theories that exist as absolute-truth, whilst approaching absolutely everything you come across with an open-Mind.


I have lead a life very rich in experience, ranging from the mundane Rat-Race lifestyle through to that which I believe to be various surreal and deeply mysterious Spiritual experiences, as well as many years of meditation on the true nature of existence. I also believe that I have gained information both directly and indirectly from sources of information that might best be described as Shamanic.


The purpose of this work is an attempt to bring us closer to the truth about ourselves, the Universe and our place in and as it. But, I suspect that just like every other Human being on planet Earth, my perception is inherently flawed, and therefore I question how much help, I, or anyone else can truly offer, but this does not negate for me, the value of attempting to help. I am biased, opinionated and error prone, but I will share with you all that I believe I have learnt so far.


No one can learn your lessons for you, no one can grow for you and no one can make the choices for you that are prerequisite of evolution beyond this level of existence. If you your Soul - the eternal you - is unaware of, or is in denial regarding its own existence, then it is asleep!


What originally motivated me to write this book was the belief that correcting our flawed perceptions can release us from the chains of controlling and manipulative religion and the Rat-Race with the ultimate aim of finding and sharing an uncorrupted and less distorted Spirituality.


But what now also motivates me is an awareness and belief that the age we have chosen to participate in presents us contemporary Human beings with an opportunity to make the relevant choice and evolve, Spiritually and physically to the next level of existence, which some sources have called “the Graduation to 4th Density”. The living entity that most call Earth, and I would rather call Gaia, has already birthed a 4th density version of itself giving Humanity a glorious opportunity to take one more step up the Universal evolutionary-ladder.


Please don't take my words, or anybody else’s, as incontrovertible fact. This work is merely a suggestion of what might be the nature of the reality we find ourselves in. If you feel so motivated , do you own investigation, research and meditation and draw your own conclusions. I believe that there as many appropriate paths in life as there are people, and that we are all unique entities and what is meaningful and useful to some is meaningless and useless to others.


Please embrace any ideas that resonate with you, and discard without a second thought any that don’t!